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Squeegeeville is the online home of Andy MacDougall and a resource for all things related to screen printing, the world's most versatile print medium. Through the website, we provide printing education, arts & culture news and connections, and assistance to manufacturers using screen printing.

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    Explore and learn all about screenprinting in the Squeegeeville library

    From Brasil to India, England to the USA, columns and feature articles cover the wide world of screenprinting. We’ve collected some of the best here. Read about interesting people, unique products, and process innovations that continue to drive our world.

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    Beginner or advanced screenprinting courses and training

    Squeegeeville provides a range of courses for all levels and ages, from introductory to advanced. We have regularly scheduled group classes and can work with individuals to deliver a customized learning experience in the Comox Valley, or anywhere in the world.

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    Commercial, industrial and educational consulting services

    With over 30 years experience in all facets of screen printing, and one of the best selling instruction manuals on the market, Andy MacDougall can help businesses and institutions increase productivity and achieve their goals.

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A little bit about 'AndyMac'

Andy MacDougall, ASPT is a screen printer, consultant, writer, and member of both the American Poster Institute (API) and the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). He was elected to the internationally based Academy of Screen Printing Technology (ASPT) in 2007, for his writing, demonstrations, and promotion of the screenprinting process in North America and worldwide. His lifelong interest in music, posters, and art has been mixed with a long career in the screenprinting and advertising graphics industry, having worked in and owned a number of large printing plants and more recently a smaller studio that specializes in training programs, artprints, and prototyping for a range of clients.

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“The young artist pulling prints through a home made screen on their kitchen table, and the scientist or engineer creating new energy systems using the technology of screenprinting have much more than a squeegee in common. I’m interested in what happens when we bring them together, and everything in between.”

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