Advanced Screenprinting Weekend Courses

OK, you know which way is up on a squeegee, you can make a stencil and squish the ink through the screen without blurring the print... and now you want to learn more. We can help - fine printing, specific products, automated equipment, shop management.

Take your printing to the next level

Once someone starts screenprinting, it becomes apparent that what at first seems relatively simple, becomes complicated very quickly as a person starts to tackle more complex jobs and materials. Each step of the process requires a deeper understanding of the ‘rules’ that must be followed in order to achieve success, and those rules are constantly expanding, and seemingly endless.

One way to accelerate that learning curve is to take an advanced or specialized course. At Squeegeeville, we are big on the concept of ‘learning by doing’ and so students taking advanced courses are encouraged to bring in print projects that match what they want to learn. Here’s a typical curriculum covered in a recent advanced class in Montreal. The subjects were suggested by the students prior to the course:

Halftones and Process Colour – Components for successful printing:

  • Concepts
  • Image and initial file
  • Adjustments in art for screenprinting, separation
  • Film quality
  • Emulsion and mesh selection
  • Exposing
  • Ink/Adjusting transparency
  • Printing considerations
  • Options to halftones/process colour


  • Printing on round or 3D surfaces
  • Printing with transparencies and overprinting
  • Ink – Working with Water based, Solvent based, and Specialty inks
  • Printing Gradients (split fountain blends)
  • Paper Printing techniques – Rock posters & Art prints
  • Textile printing – durability, special effects, step & repeat

Studio Management

  • Printing with efficiency
  • Growing the shop on a low budget
  • Estimating job costs/Pricing products
  • Considerations for art prints/editions


  • Paper and supplies
  • Greenscreens, retensionables, and stretch & glues

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  • Andy discussing screenprinting with a class
  • Students making a table-top press
  • A lady screenprinting
  • Proud students with Artwork
  • Andy going through the book
  • Working with rubylith
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