The Art Print Experience

Artists with some screenprinting skills who want to work on their own print runs can rent studio time and use our equipment and assistance to make their own editions. We combine learning and doing, and artists get the use of a fully equipped screenprinting studio with print capability up to 24"x36" image area.

Lots of artists are content to hand off their creation to get printed by others – we offer that service too. But what we love are artists who want to come and get their hands dirty, and work on their own prints, using our equipment and skills to help them realize their artistic visions. We call it the Art Print Experience.

What can an artist accomplish over a few days?

Here's a link to a set of prints done by artist Charles Campbell, of Victoria, BC. He printed all of these over 2 days.

Artist James Shorty printed 4 editions on paper, and two on 3D blocks of cedar, which were then carved:

  • James Shorty working on the automatic
  • James Shorty carving his printed cedar blocks

Bobby Martin of Oklahoma created this serigraph, which was subsequently used as the main image for a group show of contemporary Native American artists in Oklahoma:

  • serigraph by Bobby Martin
  • serigraph by Bobby Martin

Todd Gohner of Arkansas works on an 8 colour print on the large format parallel lift press at Squeegeeville:

  • Todd working on his 8 colour print
  • Todds finished 8 colour print

Ryan Burkhart of Austin Texas produces an edition while training on the parallel lift press. A former professor at the University of Central Florida, Burkhart co-founded Kong Screenprinting in Austin, a very successful textile shop.

    Ryan Burhart of Kong Screenprinting working on the parallel lift

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